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​Money Orders & Check Cashing

Money is the quintessential way to transfer goods and services in society. This gives us the ability to live in a nurturing home, purchase food to eat, and sustain our lives. When times are tough and you may not be with a bank yet, you can use our check cashing service and money transfer service to get your money immediately.

Money transfers are important to those looking for money from other family members, but they may be out of state or not from a bank. You can even get a money order from our service to get money converted from a different country. This gets the money you need quickly.

Our company specializes in check cashing services, which include lawsuit check cashing, insurance check cashing and more. Money order allows for you to get the money you need from wire transfer or from another country. For more information on all of our money orders & check cashing services, contact Harper Pawn Shop & Check Cashing in Detroit, MI today!